Systems Thinking Africa is a vibrant women-led initiative with a global reach organisation which specializes in process facilitation and especially in areas of leadership and organizational development using systems thinking methodologies and approaches. We facilitate transformative processes that enable individuals and organisations understand and manage the complex situations they face.


We seek to facilitate the transformation of the individuals and teams within the context of their organisation and communities. Our processes enable people to become more aware of themselves and therefore better able to manage themselves and others towards higher performance.


Our processes enable people to better manage complexity by appreciating the interrelatedness and interdependence of the various components of their lives, organisations and communities.

Creativity and Fun

Did you know the word school comes from the Greek word schole which originally meant leisure time? The idea was to give people leisure time so they can learn. Our approaches incorporate fun, play and reflection.


Africa has a lot to offer the world through its elaborate tapestry of stories and rhythms. The Africa worldview is also a systemic one embedded in the collective identity and responsibility for one another. Our processes seek to reconnect us with this wealth of resources.


We live and operate in a world with limited resources. Sustainable business practices enable organisations to thrive while taking care of the context in which they operate in.


Systems are purposeful and goal seeking. However, at times the system may be working towards an undesirable goal. We work with individuals and teams in order to align their strategies and practices towards the organisational goals.