Course Description

New managers often feel overwhelmed by the task of managing others especially when they have been promoted from among their peers. Many of them fail to adequately make the transition from manager of self to managing others. They also do not realize that their success depends on the success of the people they manage. Drotter highlights this transition as one of the greatest challenges that managers face. A failure to effectively make the transition often leads to senior managers who still function as managers of self. Inevitably, the managers end up doing tasks that their subordinates should be doing which ends up demotivating the supervisees.

This course seeks to enable the managers to gain a better understanding of themselves in order to enhance their sense of self worth. Further, the course then equips them with skills to better relate to and manage others. The course is built on concepts around self-differentiation as developed by Edwin Friedman.


Topics include:

Topic 1 Self- Awareness

Key Issues:

  • Self- Differentiation
  • Core Identity and values
  • The ice berg model of personality
  • Emotional Intelligence

Topic 2 Self Management

Key Issues:

  • Choice
  • Barry Oshry’s work on the challenges of being in the middle
  • Clarity of purpose

Topic 3 Managing others

Key Issues:

  • The Leadership Pipeline
  • Power relationships in groups

Topic 4 Communication

  • Dynamics of communication
  • Empathetic Listening

Topic 5 Leading and Managing Change

  • Understanding dynamics of change
  • Managing anxiety in times of change
  • Stuckness and organizational change

Topic 6 Team and team performance

Key Issues:

  • Teams or groups?
  • Team development
  • Situational Leadership
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Coaching for performance



The aim of the course is to promote the transition from being a manager of self to being a manager of others. The course seeks to promote a secure sense of self identity and worth as a base for healthy relationships in the work place.



The course runs over 2 consecutive days. The course is practical and reflective with times for individual reflection and small group processing. A number of video documentaries relevant to the course are used to enrich the learning experience.



Individual assignment

The individual assignment is around applying the learning on managing for high performance in the work place.

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